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Projet d'Amélioration des Services Ruraux au Tchad par le développement de l'Agripreneuriat: Formation pratique des éleveurs sur l'élevage intensif respectueux de l'environnement.

As part of our producer support program, we are continuing our training courses to boost the productivity and competitiveness of these producers on the market. From August 03 to 11, 2023, we trained 28 of our producers specializing in animal production in intensive breeding techniques. These producers raise poultry, pigs, goats and cattle. The aim of this training is to raise their awareness and train them in this technique, which aims to maximize the efficiency of animal production and minimize costs by using intensive feeding and rearing techniques that respect the environment.

This training enabled us to :

  • Helping breeders to better understand the symptoms of recurrent contagious diseases in their ecosystems;
  • Raising awareness and informing breeders about the application of hygienic, sanitary and medical measures for contentious diseases;
  • Help breeders identify contagious diseases and learn about reporting procedures;
  • Help breeders to better understand the effects of animal diseases on consumers (humans) in order to avoid them;
  • Train farmers on measures to be taken to prevent the transmission of diseases to humans by animals;
  • Raise awareness and inform farmers about the use of products for preventive and curative care of recurrent animal diseases;
  • Encourage farmers to be aware of the environmental issues associated with extensive livestock farming and the negative consequences for their environment, etc.

It is important to note that this IDH-funded project aims to improve rural services in Chad through agricultural entrepreneurship. In concrete terms, the aim is to support producers in creating and consolidating sustainable agricultural and non-agricultural businesses that respect the environment. Over 200 rural producers have benefited from business and entrepreneurship support in the pre-incubation phase for three months, at the end of which 130 producers with strong growth potential have been selected for the second phase of support. These producers operate in 4 business sectors: crop production, animal production, agri-food processing and agricultural services.  

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