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On April 17 and 18, 2023, we organized networking activities for producers supported by the Projet d'Amélioration des Services Ruraux au Tchad par le Développement de l'Agri Entrepreneuriat : Phase Pilote in Gounou Gaya and Doba. 

The aim of these networking activities is to encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience, resources and business relationships between producers, and to introduce them to the opportunities offered by their local business environment.

During these activities, the producers, divided into groups and by sector of activity, highlighted the potentialities and opportunities in their sectors of activity, and the type of relationship to be maintained with each other to achieve their entrepreneurial objectives.

In all, more than 220 producers benefiting from pre-incubation support took part in these networking activities, which were also attended by a number of local economic and public players, including Cotontchad SN, Pendé Investissement, Caisse d'Épargne et de Crédit, ANADER and the deconcentrated services of the Ministry of Livestock. These private and public sector players presented and informed producers of the opportunities they can offer to help grow their businesses.

Among the key results of this networking activity was the setting up of a savings and credit club (tontine) by a group of women who process local produce to finance their activities. In addition, business relationships were explored and formalized through partnership protocols between the various producers for the exchange of services and products. 

The project aims to strengthen the resilience of rural producers by diversifying their sources of income. In concrete terms, the project will support 100 rural producers in the creation/structuring and management of agricultural and non-agricultural micro-enterprises in the target provinces of Logone Oriental and Mayo Kebbi Est. 

Funding: IDH - The Sustainable Trade Initiative

Partner structures: Olam Agri and Cotontchad SN.

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