Coworking space

We have a coworking space called Khidime Space dedicated to entrepreneurs, freelancers and job seekers.

This coworking space is an alternative to conventional offices, at a reduced cost because service fees such as internet, electricity, water, cleaning etc. are shared among the co-workers. The space is equipped with workstations, a meeting room, a common area and a coffee area.

Beyond the infrastructural aspect, the space is a dynamic environment created to have a sense of community, collaboration, learning and sustainability to allow users to develop, share their experiences and knowledge to better succeed in their projects. 

With this space, we play an accelerator role for entrepreneurs. In addition, users of the space benefit from essential administrative services such as accounting, marketing, and taxation.

Get in touch with us

Leave a message via email, contact page or call us for more information to reserve your workspace at Khidme Space.

(+235) 60455272 or (+235) 96693257