Job Booster Chad Project - N'Djamena

The issue of youth employment in Chad is very crucial for the development and stability of the country for the main reason that more than 60% of the Chadian population are young people (under 25 years old) in a context of rapid population growth (3.6% annually). 

In addition, this population is highly concentrated in the city of Ndjamena, which accounts for nearly 15% of the Chadian population. According to statistics, the unemployment rate, which is around 22% nationally, is higher in N'Djamena due to the high concentration of the population and the limited number of opportunities available. 

The Job Booster Chad - Ndjamena project is funded by Woord en Daad through its entity Job Booster Chad project based in Chad. The project accompanies about 200 young entrepreneurs and aspirants to create and establish sustainable businesses that create wealth and jobs in promising sectors of the economy.

As an implementing partner, Job Booster Chad Entreprise support young entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial training, business coaching and facilitation of access to financing.


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