Improving Rural Services in Chad through Agri Entrepreneurship: Pilot Phase

Chad is a landlocked country in Central Africa, with a vast territory divided into three major climatic zones, including the Sudanian zone in the south, which is characterized by an estimated annual rainfall of more than 1,000 mm, making it favorable for agricultural activities despite the increasing variability of rainfall in time and space, which has led to a decline in production in these areas. Agriculture remains a key sector for the Chadian economy as it employs more than 80% of Chadians, mainly in rural areas, and will contribute 54% of GDP in 2021, although the potential of this sector has not been fully exploited.


Like most other economic sectors, the agricultural sector is largely informal and not very productive. The high poverty rate in rural areas, where the population is highly dependent on agriculture for its income, illustrates the low productivity of this sector. This low productivity of the sector could be explained by several factors, including the low level of organization of producers individually and in groups, the low rate of access to means of production and product processing, the low rate of access to the market and to financing, and land degradation.


It is with the aim of contributing to effective and integrated solutions to the above challenges faced by rural populations in southern Chad that IDH and CotonTchad have joined forces to create the Landscape Platform whose vision is to strengthen the resilience of rural producers in the face of various economic, social and climatic shocks through three pillars: Production, Protection and Inclusion. The project to improve rural services through the development of agri-entrepreneurship is one of the platform's initiatives, including the social enterprise Job Booster Chad.


It is within the framework of the activities of this landscape platform that IDH solicited the services of the social enterprise Job Booster Chad to support (aspiring) rural entrepreneurs in the development of sustainable agricultural and non-agricultural businesses with viable business models providing agricultural and non-agricultural services/products locally. In concrete terms, the service aims to accompany 100 rural producers in the creation/structuring and management of agricultural and non-agricultural microenterprises in the target provinces of Logone Oriental and Mayo Kebbi East. This support includes training in personal development and leadership; training in entrepreneurship, including personalized business coaching; training in local product processing and marketing techniques; and preparation for investment of the microenterprises that will be supported. All of this support will be offered through the Business Support Centre located in Doba and Gounou Gaya and managed by entrepreneurship facilitators. The project supports only existing entrepreneurial initiatives and aims to accompany them towards greater productivity and competitiveness.


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